Cycling Training – Why Use SPD Pedals?

Cycling is quite possibly the best way in the world to have fun, get a tan, lose some weight, and see some amazing sights along the way. But the way to get the most efficient cycling workout is to consider upgrading just a little bit. Most bikes come with normal pedals – the kind you would find easily replaceable at any general department store. However, when cycling for long distances, you may want to consider SPD, or clip on pedals.Why would you want special pedals anyway? When you pedal with “normal” pedals, your feet slip, coming off the pedals or sliding around to different spots of your foot. This extra movement can make you lose your momentum, reducing your pedaling speed and efficiency. In addition, when you attach your feet to your pedals, you can pull up on the pedals too, meaning you’re working a little harder to go quite a bit faster.SPD pedals come in packages containing two pedals and two adapters, meant for special shoes which you also need to purchase. You can get away with both for under $100. Attach the pedals to the bike, the adapters to the shoes, and you’re free to start your cycling workout. To “clip in” to the bike pedals, you just push your feet into the pedals, and you should hear a click. To pop your feet out, twist your toe to the outside.With SPD pedals, it is easier to determine things like cadence – the amount of rotations in a minute you do – and ensure that you’re consistent. It is also easier to go up hills – with both feet doing the work. It is also easier to mindlessly pedal – without your feet slipping off of the pedals accidentally. You’ll also find that the new shoes help ventilate your feet better – perhaps eliminating your hot, sweaty feet at the end of the ride.If it’s your first time using SPD pedals, I would recommend you “test” clipping in and out a few times. You could ask a friend to hold the bike for you, or you could practice doing only one foot at a time. Also, make sure that you unclip your feet at least thirty feet before you come to a complete stop, to prevent injury. Always wear a helmet, too!You’ll find your cycling training vastly improved with new, clip in pedals. Enjoy!

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