Digital Photo Tips – Storing Your Digital Photos

Digital Photography has made the art a lot more fun and convenient. The individual needs not to wait for the printed copies to see how the picture looks like. It can be easily viewed in the Digital Camera’s LCD screen. This means it has also changed its format. From the use of films, cameras now store their pictures in memory cards which are inserted in the slots of the cameras. Instead of saving it in the film, cameras today save the pictures in words known to us as JPEG, avi, or other known formats. With this technological brought about, users should take advantage in keeping and storing their pictures.There are now various options in storing pictures besides printing them and keeping them in hard photo albums. A great option would be through the use of CDs. A user can simply save their files in CD’s and just label them to keep it organized. With DVD-Rs now coming up, they are able to save up to 4GB worth of memory. This should be enough to hold at least 1000 pictures, all in high resolution.If you are not a fan of the idea of burning your pictures each and every time you take shots, you can opt to get an external hard drive. These would allow you to keep 30, 60, 100, or even 200GB worth of data in just one enclosure. You can organize them in to digital photo album folders, and simply plug the drive to the computer whenever you want to view them. This way, not only do you get to save the file, you get to save it in its highest resolution and keep it edit ready anytime.Companies like MAC and Creative have taken their products up a step higher, aside from making their MP3 Players superb musical devices, they can also be used a digital photo albums. They can also be used to store pictures and have a view mode to view the pictures through the player’s LCD screen. This is another great way to store your pictures since it would really be handy to store and view them anytime.If keeping your pictures in physical devices does not suit you, there is another option. The World Wide Web now catered on line databases for people to store their pictures and even share it with others. Sites like Multiply, Flicker, Photo Bucket, Friendster, and Face book has allowed people to store pictures on line, and even organize them in separate photo albums. What is great is that you can also opt to share this with your “network” and allow them to view it in just one click.Digital photography has indeed revolutionized the way the art is done. If letting your camera have tremendous capabilities to be adjusted in shooting different situations is not enough, allowing you to save them in digital devices and viewing them through the computer just made it a lot more convenient. Indeed they say they that a picture can say a thousand words. Imagine if you can a thousand pictures!

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